Trends will go of out style but etiquette, social norms and good manners will never be old-fashioned. Etiquette helps maintain socio-cultural relationships in the society. These 15 rules of modern etiquette will help you to stay graceful and chic as you practice them from time to time.

  1. Stash your phone or put it on silent when around company. Commit yourself to being in the present
  2. Your mood should never affect your manners, learn to be courteous always.
  3. Always say ‘Thank you’. It only shows you have good manners
  4. Be quick to offer help. Offer help to those who need it, the world will be a better place if we practiced kindness often.
  5. Never place your handbag or laptop bag on the table in a  restaurant; a small purse can be kept on the table but if it’s a big bag, hang it across the chair or place it on the floor
  6. Never respond to a message with ‘K’. It is better not to give a response than to reply with ‘K’, if you are not certain of the response to give, respond with a call
  7. Ask whether it’s an appropriate time to talk when you make an unexpected call
  8. If someone offers you a mint gum, take it. You are most likely in need of it.
  9. Mind your Mani! Tom Ford said “Dressing well is a form of good manners” well, it is applicable here, don’t walk around with chipped nails. When you’re stepping out make sure you put in the effort, remember, you are addressed how you are dressed.
  10.  Mind what you post on social media.  Social media shouldn’t be an extension of our existence, not everything that is happening in our lives should be a status update or ought to make it to a post on the gram.
  11. Check the volume of your phone when using an earphone, people around shouldn’t have to suffer noise pollution when you are listening to your favourite music
  12. Avoid loud and lengthy conversations over the phone  when you’re in a silent commute, people around you shouldn’t be involved in the conservation you’re having with a friend. Be considerate.
  13. Don’t laugh loudly in public. It is not lady like.
  14. Don’t talk about other people behind their backs, it is a habit that is difficult to unlearn. Nobody wants to be around a gossip
  15. Be confident. Nobody is you and that is your power, you own it and be all you can be.

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  • How pleasant the world will be to live in if all could just be this way. Thank you so much

  • Omoba ‘Demola III
    March 15, 2018 6:58 pm

    15 rules to live by…thank you Yomi. I don’t know if I can laugh loudly in public though, since I’m not a lady?


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