So you’ve prayed hard, you’ve pled the blood, you’ve been patient and now finally, God has rewarded all your efforts. It’s real and it’s happening and it’s no longer a far-fetched notion that was just hanging in thin air. But, now what? You have two choices. You could either grow complacent and forget all the hard work that got you here in the first place or you could continue to stay focused and put in the work to sustain your new blessings. Is it a new job? you have to stay consistent so you’re valued at this new work place. Is it a new car? you have to drive carefully so you don’t make a mess of it by getting into an accident. Is it your dream relationship? You have to stay committed.

Stop Comparing

“When I received my offer letter from the new place I had always dreamt at working at, I was ecstatic. I thanked God recurringly up until I heard that a friend of mine received her offer letter from a job that she had also been praying for. They would be paying her twice my new salary.”-Tamara recounts.

This is not an isolated situation as many women especially compare themselves to their friends and even women on tv and in the magazine. However, you have to find a curb it unless it will control you. Envy is the thief of destiny and you do not want to be too busy watching others live their lives that you forget yours is still in session. Everyone has their own race to be run at their own pace.

Don’t forget to press on

This happens when you make a goal your ceiling, don’t forget to keep pressing on. There’s always more to pray for, always more to hunger for and always a forward to press towards. Enjoy your win but, stay hungry.

Make a New List of Goals

Once you’ve determined to keep on pressing on, the next step would be to make a new list of goals. Remember the fire and spark you had praying for what you have now? bring that to the table once more and don’t forget the faith bit.


Nothing will feed your dreams better than a well-rested mind. Don’t believe the “they sleep, we grind” narrative; For your body to perform at top speed, good sleep is needed. It reboots the brain to get it going for another extended period of time. Deciding to not give the brain its much needed rest will set you up for failure as sooner or later the body will demand it in the most unfriendly way.  Sleep deprivation also affects your ability to get creative.


You need to take time out to live. Do something new! Take some risks. Break some ties. Form some new relationships. Travel somewhere new. Read some books. Like the infamous brand Nike has made their brand slogan, just do it. Do not become so stifled by success or wanting more that you forget to take a step away from your work. This is very important for all creatives as well—the best thing you can do for your art and creativity is to be a well-rounded person with life experiences.

Be Bold

So what? You’re younger than your subordinates but you worked hard for this so don’t mind that they look at you funny in your new role. You’ve worked hard and you prayed for this. It’s your time to shine!  Get with the program and walk with your chin up right into your blessings. You’ve earned it.


Once again, congratulations on your answered prayer. The real work begins now!

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