Work ethics are values we place on ourselves and what we do. They are the pillars on which businesses or companies thrive. A building doesn’t make a company but the individuals in it. Each individual has values they place on themselves that helps them get closer to their set goals. These values help you become a better person of worthy character and when inputted in the workplace, it takes the company to greater heights. 

Some important work ethics include:

  • Honesty/Integrity: In working for others, you are also working for yourself. Availing yourself to work for others, presents you with an opportunity to groom yourself for the future. This ethic speaks not only for your performance at a job but also for you as a person. It fosters trust between you and your colleagues and it also places you on a high pedestal as your opinion is highly respected. Honesty/Integrity is one value that once lost, it is hard to regain. No matter how difficult the situation is, let your “yes” be “yes” and “no” be “no”. Honesty is a core foundational work ethic and quality for every individual.
  • Self – Discipline: This is a degree of one’s morality and again it is a choice. It is a decision about having good morals. It is a habit you form to do the right things at all times, convenient or not. It is not what you are taught but what you imbibe and act on a daily basis. It shows that you have a high sense of dedication to the business and keeps you determined to always complete your assigned tasks or duties.
  • A Get-it-done Mentality: Plan your day before you get to the office. This mentality is an attitude, character and decision builder to intentionally become a productive person. It must follow a pattern and it must be one your system can accommodate. Every individual differs. Do not try to copy your colleagues. Create your own style. If you are the type to forget, always have a pen and notepad with you so you can be sure to take notes when you are assigned duties. If you are the type to commit to memory, then you must never allow yourself to forget. Make sure you always remember. Give yourself allowance on the responsibilities given and the one you give yourself.
  • Refrain from gossip: Always mind your business and stay away from the circle of gossips. Gossip is like poison. If you are a gossip, you are a destroyer. This is because you plant seeds of evil, envy, hate in the mind of others and turn a happy work environment to a cold, tensed and hostile place which is never conducive for work. Always chose to be a positive influence in your life and work environment. Do not encourage gossips or idle talks.
  • Respect Others: Carry yourself with dignity and respect at all times. Always respect yourself first, so you can gain respect from others. Do all you are supposed to do at the right time. Be polite when speaking to people and be sure to use kind words.
  • Hard and Smart Work: This is the only sure road to the top and guarantee to remain there. There are no shortcuts to success. You must go through the path of hard work. Take a look at all the successful people in the world today. Their stories would never be complete without the mention of “hard/smart work”. Even if you fall into a pool of money, you need to work hard to keep and maintain it else you run out and become a pauper.
  • A sense of Responsibility: This goes a long way in affecting your performance at work. It goes to show how serious you take your job or if you just handle your tasks with a laid-back or I-don’t-care attitude. With this quality, you strive to be always at your best, stay focused, have concern for the quality of work delivered, be determined to complete assigned tasks, have a high level of dedication to the business.
  • Peer Selection: Use your values to choose your friends. If you are a positive person with high moral standards, choose friends with the same qualities as you. “Iron sharpeneth Iron”, the good book says. Your values should determine who you associate and mingle with. Friends grow on you. Mingling with individuals with negative work ethics will with time, begin to rub off on you and this will not only affect your performance at work but affect you as a person. Your values are who you are.
  • Co-operation: Always have a team spirit. There is no “I” in team but a “we”. No one can do it alone. There is need for togetherness for a company’s vision to be met. In a team, set goals for the day are achieved and delivered better more than when it is a one-man squad.
  • Be Healthy: An unfit person is a liability to a company instead of being an asset. To be a key contributor in the growth of a company, your health (all round) is very important. Physical, emotional, mental and in fact, your general wellbeing is very key in becoming a good and valuable employee. It is your responsibility to take care of yourself so you can do your job always and on time.

Now, you know that work ethics are your core values which speak greatly of you not only as an employee but also as a person. These values are what sums up your personality. So whatever your values are, it is solely your decision.


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