Entrepreneurship is a journey and you need to know the linking routes as you embark on it. The key to enjoying running your business is satisfying your customers. As you deliver your services and products, it is important to be observant to spot customers or clients who give negative feedback. It does not imply that you are not great at what you do rather it is only a pointer that there is an avenue for you to improve on the approach you bring into your business and your customer service. It describes the process of obtaining a customer’s opinion about a business, product or service.

Top performing companies understand an important role that customer feedback plays in business. They consistently listen to the voice of their clients and seek the opinion of their clients through the use of social media and reviews they provide on websites designed for gathering feedback.

If you want to stay ahead of the competition you should never stop listening to customer feedback irrespective of if, it is positive or negative. Customer feedback can be leveraged on, so as to gain customers loyalty satisfaction and retention.

Knowing how essential feedback is to your business. Here are a few means to obtain a feedback from your customers, users or clients;

Analytics make silent speeches

Look out for what they are telling you without uttering a word. Observing your on-site activity can be very helpful. You might need to pay more attention to what their most clicked-on FAQ’S are based on, check out the products, services or columns people are more likely to visit. The online interaction gives you an insight into what your clients desire most and serves as a study path to improve your service.

Don’t underrate email surveys or ratings

Create them to appear with the sole aim of seeking customer satisfaction. You can use tools such as SurveyMonkey to send out these surveys. In cases where negative feedbacks are given by your clients, ensure to have them resolved as soon as possible to win customer loyalty. You can share a positive feedback on the website, as that makes the customer feel valued.


Use polls 

Another effective way of deriving feedback to ascertain user-friendliness is through polls. They play an important role in identifying trends which can help you make business decisions.


Check up on your social media sites regularly

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn can be an invaluable resource for customer feedback. A variety of tools are available that help in “social listening,” or gathering conversations on social media about a brand. Observing through social media can prove particularly useful for gathering candid feedback from customers.




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