It is not new to come across women who are a little too anxious or worried about what their partners expect of them in a relationship without taking regard of what they expect from them as well. This attitude of humbility – An attitude of presenting yourself to be overly modest, inferior or insignificant with an endless reserve of energy so as to appear not too intimidating has been a damaging factor to most relationships.  This should not, however be confused with humility which is the capacity to avoid getting wrapped up in one’s own self-importance.

Some women tend to shrink themselves so as to fit in a particular countenance, attitude or expectation. This extends even in child-bearing and this is why you come across women who have children of a certain sex and blame themselves for this. Knowing fully well that you are not God and that it takes two to tango in the process of procreation. This is the same reason why some women know about their partners being unfaithful and keep mum about that because they are expected to behave in certain ways.

When we do this things. Are we not rather trying to imply that setting a standard in a relationship is sexist? Are we not driving at creating the impression that standards in a relationship should favour one gender and disfavour the other?

Your relationship is the only pot that can be moulded by two hands


Being indifferent of, if we like it or not. We stand to determine what the future of the next generation of families will look like. Societal issues such as domestic violence, rape, abandonment, broken homes and more all stem out from individual families. Who would you want your son or daughter to get married to or be in a relationship with? We all want our kids to grow up knowing that they have the right to be in relationships that they can enjoy and not endure but this movement starts with your home.

Relationships are peculiar. It works with a ‘different strokes for different folks for different people approach.’ Relationship bliss mean different things for different couples. Your agreement to go into a relationship is laced with a vow to commit to the well-being of your union, and giving your unconditional support and love for your partner.

The possibility of having a healthy society lies on the health of your relationship.

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