Urine is not just a waste product but a diagnostic tool that helps us to identify the inner conditions of the body which the eye can’t actually see. Most times the colour, density and smell of our urine can help identify the state of your body. For instance, urine color can give us clues concerning our health habits, diet and serious conditions. There is a likelihood that the more dehydrated you are, the more concentrated the urine becomes and the darker the color gets. Other areas where you might need to be wary is when you are feeling a burning sensation when you need to urinate.

Now have you ever laughed so hard that you felt a drip of pee? Thats pretty normal but if you observe urine incontinence or leakage, then you might need a check.

A healthy person’s urine normally is a volume of 800 to 2000 milliliters per day as against a normal fluid intake of about 2 liters per day. Well, anytime your urine is not a light yellow or straw yellow color, it can be considered an abnormal urine colour. Abnormality not in the sense of danger because these changes in urine colour can be as a result of food intake, drug intake or health issues.
These are not proper diagnostic testing but can give you a clue on the possible cause and even lead you to take corrective measures where necessary;

Help! Dark colours!

You don’t need to panic. Your pee is likely to be a darker shade of yellow in the morning on waking up due to the fact that you may not have had enough water the previous day. It is a sign of dehydration, you should opt to drink more fluid most especially water as long term dehydration is certainly not  good for your kidneys.

Blood in the urine / Reddish Urine

This could be as a result of urinary tract infection or a strenuous exercise that could traumatise the bladder. It is important to see a doctor concerning this.

Light Colour

It is as clear as the colour of your pee that you have nothing to worry about. The colour is a light shade of yellow because you are drinking enough water therefore  helping your kidneys perform their filtration function effectively without stress. You deserve some accolades!

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