To be true to yourself and others is one of the most difficult things you can do, yet it’s the only way to find contentment and inner peace. But how can one stay truthful and honest in a world that’s filled with deception and lies? Here is my little guide:

1. Don’t follow others. Instead, follow your inner voice, because nobody knows what is best for you other than yourself.

2. Be honest with others, but first be honest with yourself.

3. Don’t try to make anyone happy if you don’t feel happy doing it. Helping is one thing, sacrificing is another.

4. Say “no” when you feel like it. Don’t be afraid to express your opinion, even if that lets people down.

5. Listen to others, but don’t obey them. People’s advice might help, so pay attention to what they have to say. However, be sure to use critical thinking so that you can reach your own conclusions.

6. Admit your mistakes. Only this way can you learn and grow.

7. Look at fear in the eye. What you fear controls you.

8. Create your own path of life. Each person is different, so don’t walk on ready-made paths made by (and for) others.

9. Take responsibility for your life. Don’t just sit cross-legged and blame others for your misfortunes. You have much power in your hands to help shape your destiny.

10. Take risks when needed. Daring to step out of your comfort zone is a necessary step for personal growth.

11. Think for yourself. If you don’t, someone else will do it for you.

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