Bola Badmus is a successful woman of power. Having her own thriving company and a beautiful family, one would expect that all was rosy in her world. However, Bola was struggling with some issues, deep within herself. Sure, she had everything and any woman would be happy to be in her shoes; so why did she feel so unhappy?

She was really good at hiding her depressed self very well while wearing such graceful smile that was sure to deceive everyone that she was doing just fine. Seeking help, she finally got to understand that she still carried with her baggage from her past and she had a lot of regrets eating her up.

She didn’t know how to enjoy the post because she was still living in the past. It wasn’t until she consciously made the effort to let go of the past and focus on the present and future, did she finally begin to live a happy life. She found her happy place.

We are truly what we make our lives to be. Irrespective of your realistic circumstance or situation….your world seeming topsy-turvy….. it is still the power of your mind that creates your ultimate experience in life.

We have to stop seeing life’s challenges as obstacles but instead, as a means to an end. These challenges take us closer to the magic we want as it reveals to us who we really are and the unfathomable strength we possess. That is why sometimes when we have flashbacks to some tumultuous situations we survived, we acknowledge and say, “I didn’t know I was that strong. I thought I wouldn’t survive it”.

But you did and now you are a living testimony to the grace of God at work in you because nothing we do is by our power or might but by God’s grace.

Now, going to your happy place doesn’t mean all the problems of life magically disappears. It is more like a soothing blanket that keeps all the cold out and lets you figure out the simple and creative solutions to these less happy situations.

Keith Davis would say, “When the mouth is open for laughter, you may be able to shove in a little food for thought” 

One truth I have come to understand is that we can actually achieve so much and live whatever life our hearts desire if only we are determined to work at it and get it. Let your talents and gifts open the doors and pave the way to a life of health and wealth. No one is created empty. We, each of us, have our own unique gift and talent we ought to bless the world with. We each are a piece of the puzzle meant to bring complete happiness to the world.


If we all put in our little best into making life sweeter and simpler, don’t you think the world would be a happy place to live in? Develop habits that constantly brings joy to your spirit even in trying and challenging times. Most times, our adopted lifestyle is the cause of our unhappiness.

Good a thing, we can always learn new things while unlearning habits that are in no way beneficial to us. This is your life and you are the boss of it. So, take charge.

Trust me, there is no better time to live a happy and fulfilling life than now. Like seriously, go have a life. Taking each day as it comes and making the most of it….creating happy memories….is but one of the numerous routes to happiness. Do not try to be happy. Just be happy because the gate to happiness is always open and doesn’t have a key.

Happiness isn’t work. You don’t have to put an effort into it. Just allow yourself and it would come to you, just like the butterfly comes to gently rest on flowers when they are still. Your perception of life is your reality. If you perceive life to be a happy and magical one, it sure would be but if you see it as a truck-load of problems and pains, well, that is what it is going to be for you.

Khuana says, “That place where your soul is so much at peace, your heart keeps overflowing with happiness and your body is relaxed; a place that is so magical and out-rightly beautiful….filled with sweet-smelling lavenders, daisies and lilies….the stars are within your reach and you just float in the clouds…. that is your happy place and it is just a door away from you. Open the door, step in and NEVER COME OUT”.

Control your mind and thought process….direct the path it takes and you can control how your life turns out to be. So, you see, we determine the kind of life we want by what we feed our minds with. Hence we are no longer victims of life’s travails but fulfillers of happy destinies as ordained and desired by God.

PHOTO CREDIT: Palm Beach Beat

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