If you like the smell of coffee then, you will definitely love the smell of possibilities in the morning.

Everyday, I awake with the duty to check my mail not minding if it is a pleasant or unpleasant thing to do because it has to be done. It is a daily contract  between I and my being ‘up -to-date habit’. It is actually embarrassing sometimes when you get a mail for days and you have no idea you had received one only to have a not-too familiar voice on the other end of your phone reminding you to check up your email.

Each morning as the sun rises in the east and nocturnal animals that had stayed up to enjoy the twilight retire to their habitat after an active night, you realise its morning. It is time to sign your daily contract with the sun. Everyday the sun pops up in the sky is a day to renew your contract. You owe it as a debt to do that as long as you are alive. Each new day is a chance to change your life.


Imagine if we treated each new dawn of each new day with the same reverence and joy as we do each new year.

Angie Lynn


I know how good you are but what are you doing with all your goodness? What are you doing with all your potentials? This earth we walk on is not owned by us, no matter how wealthy or influential we could get, we will never be able to acquire permanent tenancy here, so why would you ever want to stock up your pearls in a vault you won’t have a lasting access to.

Your potential is not to be stored in a box, you should express it.

Wake each morning with a smile that would make even a Mona Lisa statue smile, make a mental note of things to achieve and write them down too.

Head out with determination, try new ideas and make impressing corrections on things you were not able to do the previous day.

Live. Love. Flourish. 


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