Have you ever seen two men locked in a brawl with daggers drawn to their throats? I think that’s the present graphical presentation of a 9-5 standing against entrepreneurship. People have come to create an ongoing tension and conflict between the two that makes it look like they are the present day – King Saul and the shepherd boy, David.

It would not be wrong to say that a 9-5 prepares you ahead for the entrepreneur’s journey that lies ahead. It’s a training or grooming ground.

You might need to understand that the entrepreneur’s journey is a process and you need a place to establish that process. Your day job is not a death sentence, rather it is a place for you to gain diligence, focus, faithfulness – which is a mirror reflection of the likelihood that you are going to portray in your business too, expertise and virtues that‘d make you the Super Mogul you have always wanted to be.


As opposed to the thoughts of most budding entrepreneurs that 9-5’s are dream killers, they are actually dream supporters. The dream can’t fund itself. Being resourceful and understanding this process will help you appreciate the journey.

Ever since the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) allocated  N220 billion to SME’s, employees have become confused as to if,  they want to remain in a paid employment or start up business.  But you know what? Only you knows you. You know what makes you tick, if you are incapable of coping with running a business and only want to scamper off because it presently looks trending or lucrative then its guaranteed you might blow it all up. You need personal focus and discipline to channel towards establishing your business start up.

In the mean time while you work towards your goals, give a good damn about Mondays.

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