Entrepreneurship is not an easy feat. Taking that first bold step into launching a business can really be daunting. It’s just like a new baby that requires countless hours and emotional energy. There is the constant worry of the business succeeding and if it was a good idea to start it in the first place. One great way to alleviate these fears and boost the confidence of the startup or established owner is having great supportive friends who assist the growth of the business in one way or the other. Some people think they can only support business by patronising the services or goods of their friends. Not at all. You can do a whole lot more than that and sometimes, it’s not about the money but the value you add to the business.

Here are some ways to support without spending a penny:

Pen down your review:

Perhaps you have tried the product or service when the business was still in its initial stage and you really enjoyed it. Why not share your pleasant experience with the world? Take to Google, social media or even the business website and share with others. People are prone to purchase goods or services when they read good reviews about that business.

Make referrals:

By word of mouth, refer other friends or colleagues to your friend’s business. Make it your mission to get others to know about the business your friend is doing so they can come and patronise her goods or services. Be an ambassador of your friend’s company.  

Spread the word on Social Media:

Try to always put one or two post of your friend’s business on your social media platforms. Say something good about the business so your followers can get to know about it.

Be that listening ear:

Often times, business owners want to bounce off ideas that can help their business grow. You can play the role of a thought partner and offer your listening ear. You can render your support in helping to brainstorm and provide solutions to whatever challenge the business may be facing. 

Build relationships:

Just in case you know anyone with whom your friend can share a mutually beneficial partnership with for the growth of the business, be sure to make such introductions and help build this professional relationship but with your friend’s permission of course. 

Supporting your friend’s business must not always be financial. Try these other ways and earn for yourself the appreciation and gratitude of your friend.

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