The twenty-first century woman is sassy, confident, smart and constantly working on her personal and professional advancement. It might surprise you that there are a lot of full-time and part-time jobs solely around social media branding for companies and prominent people but like a conventional job, you need a social media image which looks more like a mini resume. If you are serious about looking for a new job or expanding your career, or even reaching out to a larger client base,  a visible online professional profile is essential. There are a lot of testimonials from normal people who have gotten jobs and gigs from LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Ideally, the professional profile is separate from any personal profiles. This allows any potential employers to review your public profile ahead of any meetings. Also, it allows for employers to easily find you, which can present countless opportunities.

You might want to agree with me that smart phones and social media expand our universe. We now tend to connect with others or get hold of information easier and faster than ever.


Technology and social media have brought power back to the people.

Mark McKinnon


Irrespective of what you think about social media, it has come to stay. Every sector is buying into its use ranging from banking, human resource, education, healthcare down to the young woman who just kick started her start-up. The modern-day lady entrepreneur also needs to have a hold on as many clients as she can reach and all these can be made possible with the use of social media.

I am quite aware of the tendency for people to pose fake identities and  extravagant lifestyle just to stay relevant but living for another person is pretty exhausting.

Do you know you could do writing, editing, proof-reading, digital marketing, virtual assistant, call centre jobs and online tutoring for a few bucks?


So while you shout down someone for the use of social media and the internet, there is a smart lady out there smiling as her phone beeps to her incoming paychecks.


Share Value

Every single being is wired to appreciate value. So, whatever you do, be it procuring solutions for challenges, dishing advice, rendering services, developing and sharing content……. Ensure you share value. If you want to be taken serious, then get serious.


Be an Influencer 

Build a professional social media page, handle or presence. Promote your brand.

With access to a huge network, you can unlock resources, revenue streams, and, of course, the potential to get your big ideas out into the world. Establish yourself strongly in a specific market and become an “influencer” and brands will even start seeking you out  or you could put out your services in hopes of getting some love in your social streams. Of course, ascending to social media royalty isn’t easy. It’s a vast battlefield out there. But with a strategic plan of attack, and the best technology, you can capture your niche and reign over it with pride.


Be Active

The benefits of social media are most often reaped by those who use it the most. The principle way of successfully developing a strong brand and gaining valuable exposure is to consistently use your chosen platform and to cultivate relationships. It should not be of any surprise that those with the most Twitter followers are those who tweet the most often. Be consistent!


Be in the know and stay woke!


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