“Why are you all dressed up, looking gorgeous and all?” Esele asked

“I have a date,” Akhuana said, indeed looking positively chirpy.

“Aha! Now the story is getting juicy,” Esele replied sitting up with ears standing to hear the gist.

Akhuana laughed. “What are you so eager to hear? If someone had seen you fly off the bed to this sitting position, one would have thought you were bitten by an ant.”

“Na you sabi,” Esele replied. “So who’s the guy?”

“Haba! What makes you think it’s a guy?” Akhuana asked looking jokingly shocked at her friend.

“You can’t be looking all elegant and dashing, just to go out with some females. Moreover, I watched the effort you put in to apply your makeup. There is definitely some guy somewhere.” Esele said, matter of factly.

Akhuana laughed again. “Sorry to burst your bubble, sweerriieee but there is no guy anywhere. I am going on a date with myself.”

Esele looked at her as though she had lost it. “Abeg, if you don’t want to tell me, just say so. What’s up with the secrecy?”

“But I just told you,” Akhuana replied her. “I want to go have me some quality time ‘cos guess what girl, I am my own best friend.” And with that she left the house.

It’s absolutely great to have good friends in your life, no doubt. Some people are even blessed to have the greatest of friends who have proven to be really true friends. Through thick and thin….In times of sadness and celebration, they were present by their side. This is absolutely great and for those with such amazing friends, I hope you cherish them because they are a rare bunch.

However, your friend is your friend and you are you. No one knows you better than you. If you don’t know yourself, how can you love yourself? And if you don’t love yourself, how can you love others?

It is imperative to take out time to spend with yourself and get to know you better. YOU ARE YOUR OWN BEST FRIEND.

Here are some tips to help you out:

  • Be mindful of your feelings: Don’t be afraid to express yourself and stand for yourself at all times. In as much you are mindful of not hurting the feelings of others, you should be careful not to hurt your feelings too just because you are trying to please the world. Your feelings are important.
  • Accept yourself: Embrace all of you – strengths and weaknesses; flaws and perfections alike. Take time to look at yourself and let the admiration you feel for yourself come from deep within. Own your mistakes. Take responsibilities for them. Learn from them and move on. You are not perfect. No one is but you are just enough as you are even as you strive to get better every day.
  • Be kind to yourself: Treat yourself with the same love and kindness you expect to receive from others because how you see and treat yourself is the way the world would treat you.
  • Be Positive: Irrespective of the circumstance, good or bad, always be positive at all times. This doesn’t mean denial. It just means despite the situation, you are certain you would rise above it.
  • Vocalise your feelings: Talk to yourself as you would talk to other people. Have hearty chats and heartfelt conversations with yourself. Take yourself out and just have fun with you. Whatever emotion you are feeling, talk to yourself about it and don’t be afraid to express yourself.

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