Having gone through so much – broken hearts, self-bashing, low self-esteem, confusion and so much more, she cries her eyes out. She beats herself up. She bites her lips and reels in regrets. “How could I have been so blind?” she laments “Why didn’t I see the handwriting on the wall?” “Why? Why? Why?” So many questions go through her mind and she cries some more.

Then, she summons the courage to get up from her puddle of tears. She starts getting better and tries living her life again. Suddenly she remembers all that had happened to her. She remembers the past she was trying to leave behind and her legs go all wobbly and back to ground zero she goes. She thinks she won’t be able to survive it. She thinks death would be an easier path to take.

Hiding all these behind a smile, the world looks at her and say she looks so happy, she has no worries, she is free of burdens, laughs heartily, catches fun, has a great time and can’t help but somewhat “envy” her and wish “Oh! I want to be like her”.

You have no idea the pains she goes through on the inside neither do you understand how tired she is – tired of not being good enough; tired of things not working out well, tired of getting hurt; tired of life in general. She masks all these up and you think she is the happiest person in the world. There lies her strength – not wanting to look weak and pathetic, not wanting to seek pity or attention. She bottles it all up.

But then reality kicks in…….. She remembers who she truly is.

Yes! One or two things may shake her to her very foundation; she may be so broken that one may think that is the end of her but oh no! It is only temporal. She bounces back stronger than before. The pain makes her stronger. She realizes that other people’s opinions of her are not really her actuality.

It is their thoughts and their words and they are ineffective and feeble unless she chooses to believe it. She looks at herself in the mirror and says: “I am beautiful” “I am loving” “I am deserving of happiness” “I am a strong woman” “Heck, I have been through hell and back and I am still here” “ I am a survivor”.

A woman of strength goes into the battlefield prepared. She may be injured but she is never defeated. She refuses to go down without a fight no matter how difficult. No matter how much others try to put her down or make her think less of herself, she stands tall, firm and sturdy as a rock.

She says to herself in the words of Karen Hawkins, “I’ve often thought it unfair that women are expected to stay at home when there’s a fight to be won. If a woman has the strength to bear a child, she can swing a sword as well as any man.”

A woman of strength is unstoppable. She is determined to make the best of herself and her potentials. She knows the stuff she is made of and strives to make a positive impact in the world. She is a woman who fights her battles behind closed doors and still comes out with a beautiful smile.

You are that woman. Mandy Hale says, “Strong women don’t play a victim, don’t make themselves look pitiful and don’t point fingers. They stand and deal”. Open your heart and allow your inner strength to raise you above those challenges, limitations and setbacks.

Remain bold! Remain strong! Remain beautiful!

PHOTO CREDIT: Information Nigeria

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