Plants will always be plants but there is no guarantee that roses will stay side by side with green leaves and look the same. Gold, sapphire, onyx and diamond are gemstones but they can’t be compared to ruby because it is a rare form of gemstone. It has been the earth’s mostly valued stone for thousands of years. In truth, even today, guiltless top finest rubies are more rare and valuable than top nature colorless of diamonds.

This gem was worn by men and women of past centuries who hoped to bring themselves success in life, love, wealth, health, and war. The value of ruby was influenced by attractiveness and intensity of its colour – which is predominantly red.

Despite its value, you will agree with me that some people would still opt out for other gemstones. The good news is that it does not reduce the value of this precious stone one bit. Ruby might be beautiful  but I know something worth more than it does. It is nothing but YOU.


Even if everyone around you do not approve of you, you are beautiful and worth everything good. Self love is a daily gift you need to give to yourself. You need to understand that there are going to be a million women but there can be only YOU. Have a reminder that you cannot be what everyone wants you to be for everybody but you are something special for someone special too.

Don’t cross out all those beautiful faces that have smiled at you and those great hands that have extended a helping hand at a point in your life – this is a reminder that you are for somebody. No man has ever made an island.

Make this a personal mantra, walk to your mirror and say to yourself each day;

“I am beautiful

I am true 

I am loved 

I may not be for everybody but I am for somebody.”

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