This is absolutely the wrong time for you to beat your chest and say “I am a woman ” then shrink back into your shell. What if I let you know about all the ground-breaking activities women like you are engaged in then you will begin to figure out how beautiful you are and how great it feels to be a woman. So in as much as we are getting too busy trying to prove that women can do what men can do. The thing is women weren’t created to do everything a man can do but we are created to do everything a man can’t  do.

This is why I think you are fabulous;



You are a great multi-tasker

You remember those times  you have to run your business, probably do your family’s laundry,  pick the kids from school and get back to the house to prepare supper. It seems like you are caught in so much activities yet every time you get things done. You are the real MVP! According to a scientific research, women are found to easily switch between tasks more than men.


You are good with money

You make good sales, bring in  great pay checks, draft an appropriate budget for the house and ensure that every need in your home is met. You deserve some accolades.


You have an entire field of study dedicated to yourself

From  Women equality to Gender studies, you have a whole field of study to yourself. Everyday new dimensions to this studies emerge to prove to you that diamonds have no hiding place.


You  make great implementation

You are equally great at “taking initiative, displaying integrity and honesty, and driving for results.” Business Insider affirms that  women are very effective in getting things done, management and delivering results. You know who deserves a round of applause.



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