What stresses you out?

The list is pretty long. Causes of stress that health-sucking demon are seemingly limitless. And although everyone has different triggers and different methods for coping if there’s one thing that stresses out even the most resilient and easiest-going among us, it’s this: money.

Money: A loaded topic, filled with emotion, both good and bad (and ugly). We all have different amounts of it and different philosophies on ways to save it, share it and spend it.

Have emergency savings. One thing we can all count on is that we will get those unexpected “surprises,” like a hole in the roof or a major auto repair. Research shows that people feel that they’re one step away from financial disaster; afraid that one unexpected expense will topple their financial security.

And, indeed, it can. If you don’t have an emergency fund.

Practice mindfulness.It might be a buzz term and make you think of sitting and meditating, but mindfulness goes beyond that. Some ways to be mindful with money:

Pause before you buy. This way you can slow down before you make a purchase and think about if you really want, need or must have it. “It’s OK if you decide to spend,” she says, “just think about it and make sure that it matters.” Asking yourself that question puts a little obstacle between the decision to spend and the actual spending.

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