The customary yellow Lagos bus is my daily commute and it is a house full of drama, from the conductor whose breath is heavily plagued with halitosis, to a very impatient driver and  of course the passengers with their unique peculiarities.

What makes public transportation interesting in Lagos is, you never know what to expect, heading home at the close of work yesterday, I hopped on the yellow bus as per usual, the driver asked us all to gather our fare and pass it to him line after line. It was a norm and we all complied except a young man in a black t-shirt, who insisted he had paid to the conductor before the bus moved from the garage.

Unfortunately, the conductor who had called all the passengers into the bus did not follow us inside the bus when we moved from the garage but the driver was sure the man in the black t-shirt didn’t pay his fare to the conductor, the banter between the driver and the man in the black t-shirt seemed to last forever and after a while the driver decided to park the bus by the road side to face the young man.

This riled all the passengers up as we all feared an accident was just a minute away. Eventually, the driver asked the young man to alight from the bus after realising that the young man had lied. The young man, a ‘sharp Lagos boy’ had thought he could get away with it but the driver proved he was smarter. This situation isn’t an unusual happening in the comical house the yellow bus is.

The driver must have experienced situations like that in the past to be able to ascertain the young man in the black t-shirt was lying if only he had done that without putting the lives of other passengers in potential danger for the meagre sum of 150 Naira. That wouldn’t have happened if the correct authorities had been on stand-by to ensure that the bus was parked where it should be and we weren’t breaking any rules of the road.

One thing was clear to me from this episode,  the economic situation in the country is harsh but, it’s good to avoid embarrassment by taking initiative and ensuring that you have multiple streams of income. Are you going through a topsy-turvy time this period? You may want to try some of our side hustle ideas. Click here to see some of our top picks.


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