Entering the popular yellow bus isn’t such a bad idea until people get into your personal space. I bet you’re saying to yourself; well it’s a public transport what do you expect? Even at that, some  people bother line disrespect you by infringing in your space. Common!

I will soon come to make you realise the importance of respecting people’s personal privacy in public places.

I hopped into the yellow bus, I did not realize where I chose to sit was the most uncomfortable seat ever until the bus left the garage.

On our sit row was a skinny man, a fat man, myself and a slim lady. We had just started our journey out of the Island when the fat man began to sleep.

From his sleep he began to rest his body on the skinny man and I. Rubbing his sweaty arms against our bodies, taking away our comfort.

When I got tired of the sitting position I was forced to sit because of the fat man I tapped him and he readjusted.

I felt relieved instantly but the feeling was cut short when he started to snooze again.

The skinny man got tired of it all and announced to the bus he was going to make an attempt to take the fat man’s phone to see if he would wake-up, and he did.

Immediately he opened his eyes the skinny man told him “I wanted to see if you would wake-up and thank God you did. You are making us all uncomfortable with your sleeping position. Moreover this is Lagos bus you can’t be sleeping anyhow, you’re infringing on our personal space. Please let’s respect one another”

The fat man didn’t sleep or make us uncomfortable the rest of our trip.

I promised myself never to sleep inside Lagos bus  to avoid my pocket been picked. My experiences in the Yellow bus keeps getting interesting, I hope you enjoyed this episode.

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