Lagos is a cosmopolitan metropolis.

It is a land filled with different opportunities and the yellow buses which offer daily commute for many lagosians are the means to getting there. For lagosians, these buses aren’t merely a means of transportation, they also serve as comic relief to ease off the stress of the day.

On this week’s entry, I will be sharing reasons you shouldn’t take life too seriously. Unfortunately, I fall under this category but, sometimes Lagos has that effect on us all.

I closed from work late, sometime last week, I got to the garage in a very tired state only to discover that there was no bus going through my route. I waited for an hour with the hope that a bus will come but to my disappointment none came, I feared I was going to sleep on the streets that night but more sad I was going to have to beg a stranger for a ride.

I’m not about that life and I knew nothing about flying cars down by the road side, luckily for me a lady walked up to me and said “Aunty you don’t want to go home?”. I wasn’t surprised at all, as it is a known fact that Lagosians don’t know how to mind their business. I smiled looking at her and said “Of course I want to go home but I don’t know how to stop all these cars to ask for a ride”. “I will help you, but you have to be fast when they stop” she said to me, hearing that made me feel slightly relieved.

After trying severally, we got a ride from the Island to the mainland. However, we got stuck in traffic for close to an hour and thirty minutes, the man behind the wheel wasn’t going towards my direction but it was easy getting a bus going my way from where he would drop me off. I got into the Yellow bus with a frown etched on my face, to my surprise one of the passengers asked in pidgin, “Why you dey strong face? You don tire bah”, I nodded and the man (passenger) said “Lagos dey tire persin, but wetin man go do, no go tighten laive for chest ooh persin go just quick die” And shortly after, all the men began to discuss football; it was Chelsea-Barcelona playing that day and they went on to discuss the highlights and who they taught would win.

As I watched them patiently, a young man was checking live-scores on his phone as he was our commentator, he would give us the report and all the men would go ahead to discuss the player. I learnt something seated there: everyone was tired but instead of snapping at each another they decided to relieve the stress by talking about something that could make everyone (at least the men and few ladies) bond together.

Please do not let stress get to you, always find a way to let off steam. When you do, you’ll feel energised and  relaxed which will renew your perspectives. Click here to for a guide to relieve stress.

I hope to play catch up with you again next week.

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