YELLOW BUS: #WhenFrustrationKnocks

We all have become so involved in our lives that we often forget to ask the next person seated or standing next to close to us “how are you?“. You will be surprised about the lot they are going through and the long way at which that simple question will go.

My experience in the yellow bus this morning was a reminder that a little kindness and soft-spoken words go a long way. Also, I was reminded that people around me needed that act of kindness and the stranger seated next me isn’t exempted.

I left home as early as  5:30 am to beat the early morning Lagos traffic on my way to work. I settled down in the bus and I began to scroll through my Instagram feed when the next passenger came in and sat next to me.

She began to complain immediately she sat, she complained that my bag was positioned in a way that made her feel uncomfortable and the brightness of my phone was affecting her eyes. I apologised for it and readjusted the bag and went on to reduce the brightness of my phone but she refused to let go of it. Her outburst seemed to go on forever but I made sure to apologise at intervals.

Shortly after this incidence, the bus got filled up and we began our journey to the Island. Few minutes into our journey she tapped me softly and began to apologise for her actions. She admitted to being frustrated and that was the reason for her outburst, she became overwhelmed after admitting this and began to cry.

I offer her my tissue and advised her to speak to somebody about what she’s going through. I also told her she will be fine. She thanked me immensely for being understanding and I was glad I was able to offer help albeit little.

I believe it is natural to get frustrated but what matters is how it is handled. What do you do when frustration knocks?


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