To advance in your chosen field, you’ll need to stay relevant. A huge feat in the global village where information is readily accessible and we are consistently being forced to ‘up our game’.

To assist you, we’ve come up with a short list that may help in your journey to staying relevant in your chosen field with some help from our friends at

1. Be Unique

In branding, there’s something called a unique selling point for any given product or service rendered. It is important that this requirement is met to ensure that the business may retain longevity and is able to compete with other businesses or products in its category. You have heard it before, but it is commonly overlooked. There is no one who thinks and strategizes the way that YOU do. If you are too busy worrying what your colleagues are doing, you will never get ahead. Don’t bother spending all your time checking in on your competitors, instead stay focused on your goals. Remain true to who you are as an individual and you will continue to rise to the top!

2. Innovate!

The women we all look up to and admire have never bothered with ideas that had already been done. These powerhouse women were too busy creating waves in their own industry. Whether it’s content for an online platform, a brief for your boss or a new business idea, don’t just create results – innovate results! Bring something new to the table. Create change within your industry. Doing so will not only get you recognized but make you unforgettable.

3. Work really hard

This one is important! Let’s admit it, all of us ladies have struggled with feeling irrelevant in our careers. We sometimes feel like we aren’t making an impact. At times, not receiving affirmation that we are doing well in our position is debilitating. But! The only way to be successful and stand out is to work your buns off. Don’t get discouraged and stay focused. Good things come to those who grind. Hard work truly does pay off.

4. Evolve with your industry

Be open to evolving with your industry. As changes happen, don’t fret! Prepare yourself for the ups and downs in your career, as they are bound to happen. Forward thinking will create a healthy momentum in your workplace mindset. Stay on your toes and anticipate change so it doesn’t shake you, or break you. Also, move with the  trends – e.g everything is going digital, but digital doesn’t interest you? Well, girl If you want to stay relevant then you better get interested. It may not apply to your job role  directly but having the knowledge at hand sets you apart from others, you can give insight to other areas that it does effect.

5. Comfort zones shouldn’t exist

If you want to remain relevant in your industry it is vital to get out of your comfort zone! A comfort zone is a beautiful place – but nothing ever grows there. Be okay with being uncomfortable, and find your confidence when you feel uncertain. I promise you that change will always be scary and you will never feel ready. But, no one is ever truly ready for anything. You will grow and if you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done. Step outside the box and be unstoppable!

6. Progress with passion

You can work hard, try new things, create your own opportunities and STILL feel as though you are running in circles. Standing out can feel impossible, however, one thing that will never go unnoticed is an individual who is burning with passion. To progress in your career, truly let your passion for what you do drive you to success. A genuine love for your work is valued by employers and companies. Remembering why you chose this path in the first place will help drive you to success!

Strive to know your industry inside and out, this will help you climb to the top! Be yourself and work hard. Remember that remaining relevant is an ongoing challenge we all face. Hold yourself accountable for your goals and witness the results!

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