Today, LinkedIn is the default validation for the professional you!

And even then, a mere presence isn’t good enough. Just yesterday, a mompreneur who needs a job on the side, mentioned to me that she needed to update her Linkedin profile, which she had not ‘touched in ages!’

But given the challenges of time, tasks and bandwidth, most of us tend to focus on what we believe is really critical to our business growth. This makes it necessary for career women and entrepreneurs to play catch up on LinkedIn.

Add connections consistently – it’s a network, after all! While the value of connections is well known, engagement with them is lesser so. You never know when you might get a ‘like’ or an invite to connect, from an industry leader or influencer. Plus, how much you engage directly impacts your profile views too.

Your Profile Summary may or may not be short, but make it very sweet! Think of the summary as your featured content – it’s your snapshot and the ideal place to play up your own skills and expertise. Do not write your summary in the third person which makes it sound like a testimonial rather make it more compelling by writing in the first person.

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