Her eyes darted from left to right, her heartbeat’s pace was a little faster than normal and anxiety overwhelmed her. Lara Thompson (not real name), the defendant stood behind the dock in the court room  without an attorney against a plaintiff  who had a well experienced attorney. With all the evidence pointing to her, there was no chance that she would escape a sentence being discharged and  acquitted. It would only take divine providence or intervention to change the narrative. The court proceedings began and Lara looked on helpless.

The judge had made up his mind not to be biased about his judgment, he listened to the plaintiff’s legal argument with keen intent till there was a shuffle of feet and she made an attempt to walk out out of the court room, only to be accosted by the law enforcement agents. Worry had clearly sent her thinking in the wrong directions. She was further charged for contempt of court.

Who in her right senses would leave a court proceeding especially when you are the defendant? We might be tempted to charge at Lara and blame her for getting her fingers burnt despite the judge’s candid interest in helping her get justice but don’t be too fast.

We have all been Lara Thompson at one point or another. We have once or are probably still clinging to the back of worry and waiting for it to flap its wings and take us to our desired destination but worry has never helped anyone I know of.

Worry is clear evidence of you hoisting God out of the situation. Its a prove you telling God- “Hey yo, I got this on my own.” It is only capable of absorbing your energy and leaving you drained. As it lingers, it  also tends to become an harbinger of a lot of health complications.

Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature? (KJV)


This gives us a plain explanation of what worry really is. It is unhelpful, unnatural and a waste of time.  You might need to read below;

God will meet ALL your needs according to the riches of his  glory in Christ Jesus (NIV)

-Philipians 4:19

Does this encompass your business, career, relationship, marriage, family, health or even your goals?

It sure does. The emphasis still lies on “all.”

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