Getting my luggage packed for a trip is one of the things that make me cringe especially if I am not travelling light. Sometimes, I just wish I could just make a trip with just one leather satchel bag but it never seems to happen. A girl has got do what she’s got to do. I think the part I get fed up with is having to stuff clothes into a travel bag, sometimes, it looks like you have  filled yet there is still an extra space for a few things. Well, it might interest you that your learning capacity also works in that same way but at a higher capacity. The human brain is capable of learning as much as you can ever imagine.

As we walk through the corridors of our career, we might be tempted to feel a sense of satisfaction with what we know already. It could pas for nothing but it is a red flag. As it aids us to make an edge over our capabilities and kills our passion to get better in our business and career. Notwithstanding your profession or niche of business, these are some all time skills you might consider getting; critical thinking, effective communication, negotiation, research, analysis, team work, delegation, organisation and management.

Every little amount of knowledge has an immeasurable amount of value. Knowing a little of every thing births everything. Your job title is just a tag, same applies to your job description and if you find yourself in the business world, you are not ruled out either. You owe it as a duty to learn everything you come across, that is a passive but very effective way of adding value to yourself.



If you are going to thread this path with me, consider this;

Fall in love with knowledge 

When you learn a new thing, you start knowing some facts about it (factual knowledge), as you unravel new relationship how things are organized (conceptual knowledge), you get to understand how to apply knowledge or do certain things (procedure knowledge). Be curious, acquiring situational knowledge and gathering comprehensive knowledge even if it is not part of your job description or your personal business activity.

Skills are like pebbles 

Ever walked by a river side and picked up nice small well-rounded pebbles, sometimes that is just how you pick up skills. They can be learnt through conscious learning, thinking, feeling, performing them or even observation. However it suits you to learn it, hone it to perfection.

They are not cars but you need to test-drive 

Skills and knowledge are certainly not automobiles but you will need to test yourself to evaluate how effective  your  learning has been. Whenever you get an opportunity , it is wise to try it out.

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