Bras. You’re either indifferent or absolutely hate them. Those are the only sides you get to choose from. No one really loves them. However, the gag is they’re supposed to give you some much needed support. These days, we’re not really sure what to believe considering beans isn’t a protein after all. I digress.

Just the other day, as I complained for the umpteenth time about the fact that I needed to wear a bra, I did some research. I needed to know who I needed to apportion all this blame towards. I mean, don’t get it twisted, Eve is by far, the original culprit. All she had to do was not eat an apple; really!

To my surprise, the woman who invented the bra was an interesting cocktail to say the least, which now that I think about it, makes a lot of sense.


I believe my ardour for invention springs from his loins. I can’t say that the brassiere will ever take as great a place in history as the steamboat, but I did invent it. – Caresse Crosby

Here are some of the things you should know about the inventor of the modern bra, Caresse Crosby.

  1. Caresse Crosby was a well travelled New York socialite. She invented the modern Bra at the age of 19 meaning the bra is officially 105 years old as of 30 January, 2018.
  2. Caresse was a publisher and a writer; together with her first husband Crosby, they founded Black Sun Press
  3. She was also an activist: She founded Women against war. This organisation was founded in response to the Vietnam war which occurred in the 1950’s, Caresse started this organisation in an attempt to  establish a Peace Act of 1950. Unfortunately it wasn’t embraced but it was an impressive attempt at keeping the peace considering women back then had little to no political power
  4. She took interest in men younger than she was, and she practiced an open marriage while she was married to Harry Crosby.

During her life time, Caresse Crosby was a bunch of things and I admire that she lived life to the fullest, holding nothing back.

She is mood goals!



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