Leadership doesn’t have anything to do with the level of intelligence, educational background etc. It even has nothing to do with one being the owner of a business. It’s not the position that makes the leader. The leader makes the position. The difference between being a leader and a manager is while a leader influences people to follow, a manager manages the process. So one can be a C.E.O of a company but not be a leader.

Characteristics Of A Leader

  • Positive mind: A leader is a positive thinker. She doesn’t see the problem but focuses on the solution.
  • Servanthood: A good leader has the willingness to submit. She looks for opportunities to serve because one of her key attributes is humility.
  • Growth Potential: A good leader has a hunger for personal growth and development. She improves on herself every day and tries to become the best of who she is.
  • Follow through: A good leader has the determination to get the job done on time completely and consistently.
  • Loyalty: A good leader is loyal and always put the needs of the organisation first before personal needs.
  • Resilience: A good leader is confident and composed. She always bounces back when problems arise. For her, once there is a will, there is always a way. She is persistent with words and works.
  • Integrity: A good leader is honest and upright. She is sincere and decent. They have good and high moral standards and abide by them strictly.
  • Big Picture Mindset: A good leader sees the vision always. She develops a career path and a mindset that works in line with that vision.
  • Discipline: A good leader is willing to do what is required of her regardless of personal needs. They do not make excuses but get the job done.
  • Gratitude: A good leader makes thankfulness a way of life. They are appreciative of their colleagues and subordinates.

These are just but a few characteristics mentioned above. The list could go on and on. If you have any other good quality, it’s okay to add them up but the most important thing is possessing these qualities and not just making a list of them.

Phases Of Leadership Growth

  1. I don’t know what I don’t know.

Running away from responsibilities.

  1. I know that I need to know.

A determination to improve oneself.

  1. I know what I don’t know.

Learn about new things.

  1. I know and I grow and it begins to show.

Start influencing others.

  1. I simply grow because of what I know.

Confidence in one’s ability.

A good leader understands that to lead tomorrow, one has to learn today. Are you a good leader?


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