“Money, money, money must be funny in the rich man’s world.” I like to think that I though it a lousy line when I first ABBA, is a Swedish pop supergroup at the age of 16. Growing up has taught me those folks knew quite well what they were talking about.

Money is talked about in every sphere you can think about; education religion, politics, sports, family, and even relationships. More often than not, people try to shy away from money conversation in relationships. Well, honey! it has to be talked about.

The issue of finances should be discussed early on in serious relationships as it is a basic building block to stability in relationships and family. There are 5 money personalities which include; the Security Seeker, the Saver, the Spender, the Flyer and the Risk Taker. Each of these personalities has its own strengths and weaknesses.

What does money mean to you? How do you behave when it comes to expending money or even saving money? This behavior is what is termed as your money personality.

  • The Security Seeker: You see money as a form of security and you are averse to any form of spending. Having money gives you security.
  • The Saver: You prefer to save as much as possible even to the detriment of current needs and wants.
  • The Spender: You spend at will. Spending makes you feel important and loved.
  • The Flyer: You don’t think much about money. It’s a means to an end and not the end for you.
  • The Risk Taker: You are always willing to take risks especially where money is concerned.

Be open to talking about where you stand financial-wise is a healthy discussion you need to have because financial infidelity brings relationships apart more than marital infidelity. Talk about savings, retirement, debt and investments by projecting from where you stand currently.

Depending on your preferences, you may decide to combine your cash streams to enable you carry out pre-wedding projects such as renting a house, buying a car etc. Remember finances are closely laced with trust hence you need to engage in a healthy debate on how to handle your finances.

As a couple you should both set a budget to guide your monthly expenses and even your wedding expenses. Learn to adhere to the budget as this will reveal financial shortages if any.


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