We now live in a world obsessed with activity. We like to plan our days in advance and fill in every minute of our existence. It’s too easy to get distracted by the little things, thinking that they’ll keep us busy and propel us towards our goal.

Your accountability partner is there to remind you of that. Just because you filled up all your free time with hustles doesn’t mean you’ll be a millionaire in a year.

It’s expected that you’ll encounter trials on your way to success. It’s during times like these that you’ll really need someone who will understand and support you – no matter how rough things might turn out to be.

True friendship can be one of the most rewarding things in your life, but only once it is cultivated and grown to the point where you feel comfortable giving these people complete access to your life. The people that I trust completely to criticize me are the ones who love me despite my flaws and choose to stay my friend, even when I am choosing not to grow.

A real friendship of accountability means that you have to lower your walls, lay down your pride, and let someone else — someone who loves and cares for you deeply — point out your flaws. This isn’t out of meanness, but to help you be a better person, more equipped to fight the good fight.

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