You need harmony in your ‘MBS’ This is not some abstract jargon. It is simply your mind, body and soul. Ensure that all you go after has a way of giving you inward peace that harmonizes with your mind, body and soul. Let your personal peace be your watchword. If it costs you your peace, then sis, it is not worth it. It should make you better You don’t know what the future holds for you, hence, it’s a foolish act to save for a time that’s unforeseen. The present is when you can live – and most of us ignore the present, this very moment, thinking about what you are going to do in the days ahead! For now, choose to be grateful for life and appreciate every small aspect of whatever you have. A close pal of mine once said, if it does not bring me love, money, happiness or fulfilment then I don’t want it. You might want to borrow that. Let your career, relationship, business, friendship make you a better person. God is not seated on his throne and frowning at you Chances are that you might be wonder sometimes if God wills certain things for you. Remember, you can always ask his opinion through prayers and I can assure you that he wants what’s best for you. God knows all about you, and he made you into the person you are. He knows your gifts and abilities, and he also knows your limitations. Keep close communication with him and your hearts open to Christ-like guidance from experienced mentors and his direct communication to you through the Holy Spirit. Don’t settle for less!          ]]>

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