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Everyone has a story and kids love hearing these stories; it could be about the animal kingdom, what growing up looked like for their parents, how their parents met, the naughty things they did while younger or even an imaginative story where you make them the superhero.

I still remember as a kid, I would always wait for dad to get back from work before going to bed not minding whether it was late; that was because I knew he always had a bedtime story prepared for me. From these stories, I learnt about how extremely smart and cunny the tortoise could be, different childhood experiences my dad had, his first career choice, learnt some of my native songs and games, knew a little more about my relatives and also had an idea of what my dad expected from me as a kid.

The truth is these stories made the bond we shared grow stronger, it helped me develop a wide imagination and it assisted in shaping my sense of responsibility.

From research, it shows that when parents and caregivers interact verbally with children which includes reading to them kids learn a great deal more than we ever thought possible. These gains range from improved logic skills to lower stress levels. But perhaps the most profound benefit discovered in recent years is the way bedtime stories can rewire children’s brains to quicken their mastery of language.” says G. Reid Lyon, Ph.D., chief of the child development and behaviour branch of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development in Bethesda.

If you asking what the appropriate age is for you to begin telling your kids or reading them bedtime stories, the answer is as soon as possible. At birth, the human mind is a blank slate also known as ‘tabula rasa’ according to John Locke’s philosophy and the duty of the child’s immediate environment is to feed this slate until it is capable to live on its own.

Below are few reasons why bedtime stories are important to a child’s development:

Building an inner dictionary

Story reading helps in the development of your baby’s oral communication skills, listening abilities, memory, and language recognition skills. It is a good way to strengthen their vocabulary and different sentence structures from a very early age.

When you read a bedtime time story over and over again to a child you are indirectly teaching them new words with helps them develop strong communication skills that helps them interact and express their feelings with people properly.

Soothes anxiety

It is a remedy for soothing anxiety especially in cases when kids are frightened because of nightmares or overstimulation. It is also a good way to relax their mind and body before going to bed.


Improves attention

Kids who engage in bedtime stories usually have an excellent attention span and It is also a very useful healthy habit.

Cognitive skills

Children begin to absorb the information they hear while listening to bedtime stories and this can help them develop problem-solving skills.

Helps make reading a habit

When you make story reading your little one’s routine, it becomes a habit and a part of their life. By reading bedtime stories to children, they slowly begin to see this act as a pleasurable activity which they would engage in willingly.

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