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You speak up in a meeting at work with a great suggestion, and it’s immediately overshadowed by someone else’s idea. Or, you turn to your friend to vent about your boss, only to realize she’s half paying attention and half texting someone else at the same time. You let out a grunt or even a sigh, I know how frustrating that can be.

So you resort to branding everyone at work as annoying but there might be chances that there is something you are not doing right.

You undermine yourself. Avoid starting your suggestion at meeting with ‘My opinion is this but …..’ If you are going to share an idea, run with it. Be confident and if you are going to disagree with an idea, do it outrightly with politeness. Get prepared before a meeting so that your contributions come out valuable.

Take responsibility for your mistakes. That’s what adults do. Don’t always shift blames to co-workers when you fail to meet a deadline or get a task done. It undermines your abilities and questions your ability to get things right. How seriously do you take someone that always falls short on their word? Just think of the co-worker that has a hundred excuses on deck as to why she missed that deadline. They’re probably not your favourite people, right? And definitely not your go-tos.

Be sure to practice these habits on a regular basis. You might not earn everyone’s respect overnight, but these habits will make an impression on people even if they don’t immediately realize it. Patience and consistency are your greatest tools when it comes to being taken seriously, so take your time and try not to slip up.


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