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Loving and being loved is a pretty good feeling but being with a partner who brings out the glow in you is everything. Your partner is like a lamp in your life and if you still grope in the dark with them being around, what is then the use of the light. Ciara is a typical reference for a woman who has found that spark and glow.

Relationships should make us better people and not demean us that we get to ask ourselves in regret, “How did I get here?” She has had her fair share of ill luck with finding love, having a baby out of wedlock from her relationship with Future. The duo had gotten engaged in October 2013 but called off the engagement in August 2014.

After a dark moment of her life, a light shone through and that was Rusell Wilson — Why did it take the Knight in dark shining armour that long? Ciara affirms Wilson as the best partner and describes their bond as what could only have happened because she did the necessary work of loving herself first.

Gushing about her family, she says “With Russ, Future Jr., and Sienna, I have an abundance of love, so it just feels really good”

Last week, it was announced that Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and Grammy Award winner Ciara had joined the group working to bring Major League Baseball to Portland. This makes the female American Music star, the first black woman to own a major league baseball team and an example for other young women to become owners in a sport that it is predominantly male-oriented, and doing good work in the community and throughout the Pacific Northwest.

During the press conference, Wilson and Ciara talked excitedly about seeing a ballpark at a location next to the Willamette River with views of downtown. The American football quarterback informed the audience about the decision made by him and his wife,  “We’re not pessimistic people. We firmly, firmly believe this is a great idea for the Portland community and that we can bring a team here.”

It is absolutely safe to say that Ciara is not just a recipient of only physical and emotional support from her partner, as he has also gone all the way to show her what partnership looks like in a relationship. Storms may have rumbled in Ciara’s life but having a partner who is eager to love, empower, and encourage her is enough to bring back the glow.


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