Let’s face it; it’s just about impossible to conduct business these days without an email address. But if you are using an unprofessional email address, it may be impossible for your prospects to take you seriously. Branded email addresses are more professional and secure, and they help paint the right picture in your customers’ minds. So trust us when we say that it’s best to keep your business and personal email separate.

Professionalism Wins

First impressions can mean engaging with a prospect or losing them to a competitor. Email signatures like @Gmail, @Hotmail, and @Yahoo can make your business appear inexperienced and unprofessional, something that can definitely damage your email marketing efforts overall. Using a professional email shows that you are a part of a real business and you offer legitimate services.

Promote Brand Awareness

Your company’s manufacturing website is the epicenter of both your brand and your digital marketing efforts. Utilizing your domain name in your email address helps paint a clearer, more unified picture of your brand.

Greater Flexibility

With a professional email address, you don’t have to worry about data storage limits, changes to terms and conditions, or your ability to save and export your contacts. Imagine having your contact list disappear randomly? It happens. Some marketing technology tools won’t even allow you to register or sign up without a branded email address.

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