It will be one of the most shocking information to hear that Bozoma Saint John does not have a  5-year or 10-year plan. The Certified disrupter and marketing executive revealed this to Essence.

“When the opportunity came to present part of the keynote address at the 2016 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, I absolutely jumped at it. Not because I’m the first Black woman to do it, but because I knew that I could represent in a way that others couldn’t. I was gonna get on that stage and not wear jeans and a button-down shirt like other tech executives. I think people paid attention to me that day not just because of the way I delivered the information, but also because of how I looked.”

It is glaring that Bozoma is not just disrupting businesses but also her personality and owning her career path just like she wants it.

I started working at Apple as a marketing executive the year after my husband, Peter’s death. I was really intent on exploring new ideas and taking bigger risks. A decade before that if somebody had said, “Hey, you should go do this job at Apple,” I would’ve said, “Wait, I need more experience.” That had totally gone out the window. I absolutely jumped right in.

People ask me if I have a plan. “What will you do next?” I honestly don’t have a five- or 10-year plan. The reason is actually simple: I want to remain open to the possibilities. When you have a plan, you’re busy sticking to it, and should something amazing come, you’re going to look at your plan and say, “Well, I have three more years to do this thing before I can go do something else.”

Why not keep ourselves open to the possibilities so if something comes along that is truly game-changing, we can see it? That’s exactly what happened to me. I was sitting very comfortably in my office at Apple. But when the opportunity came to be Chief brand officer at Uber, I knew that could be game-changing also.

And I didn’t hesitate to leave Uber and join the entertainment giant Endeavor nor to star in my own docuseries when those doors opened up. Each of the moves I’ve made has been possible because of my lack of a plan. I’m just following what feels natural.

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