Almost, if not every girl always dreamed of becoming a princess at one time or the other in life….either as children or reveries in our teenage or young adult lives. At least, I know I did and today I am not only a princess but a QUEEN. Dreams do come true, you know?

How I love fairy tales! I do not belong to the school of thought that says it is mere fantasy or meant solely for children. Fairy tales for me is a safe haven from the harsh reality of life. It fills me with possibilities and hope for a great and beautiful life. It, again and again, reiterates how great virtues can always glide me through the storms of life.

I too have had my shares of life’s unfairness but I survived it because of God’s grace. I survived it because I chose to look towards the bright and beautiful future that lay ahead of me. I survived it because I could see the rays of sunshine as they streaked into the tunnel where life’s crap buried me. I survived because I chose to be happy no matter what. I survived it because I chose to live, laugh and love. And sure, my handsome prince charming found me.

Despite the fact that fairy tales are make-believe, the happily-ever-after in these stories doesn’t even come easy too. Let’s see a few of them:

Cinderella had a golden childhood filled with so much love from her parents but all that changed when she was left at the mercy of her step-mother and step-sisters after she became an orphan.

Rapunzel was locked up in a tower for so long a time and shut out from the beauty of the world and life itself by the vain woman, Gothel who stole her from her parents.

Snow White suffered at the hands of her evil step-mother who wanted her dead just because she feared that Snow White’s beauty would one day surpass hers and her magic mirror confirmed this fear by revealing Snow White as the “fairest of them all”.

Aurora, the sleeping beauty was forced into a deep, eternal sleep by the wicked witch, Maleficent who was maddened because she wasn’t invited to the christening of baby Aurora.

Belle, who had a great love for books and knowledge, gave up her freedom to take up her father’s place in the captivity of the hideous beast.

…..and it goes on and on.

However, it is obvious from these stories that these beautiful Disney princesses didn’t have it all good and rosy. They had their own share of life’s stress and challenges but braved it all into the bliss of happily-ever-after, having virtues as their unbeatable strengths.

No matter the blows life threw at them, their spirits were never broken. They took solace in the fact that it would get better at the end. They daydreamed a lot and imagined lots of good things happening to them and of course, their dreams came true.


Life is not as scary and complicated as we sometimes fear. It really can be easy if only we choose to let it be so. What was the real source of beauty for these Disney princesses? It was nothing short of their beautiful hearts and kind souls. Cinderella always said, “Have courage and be kind” and that was the principle she lived by despite the hell her step-mother put her through.

When the magic of the golden carriage and glass slippers in the form of wealth, fame and fortune fades away, who is the real you behind the ragged and tattered clothes? Cinderella’s step-mum wasn’t born evil or wicked. She chose that path when she couldn’t handle life’s challenges. She chose to live unhappily-ever-after.

Who is the real you when you no longer have the golden crown or beautiful ball dress on? Be guided!


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