I love and appreciate every single one of my friends but there are times when I wish they share some of my passions so we could bond over them.

Finding people with the same interests isn’t always that easy. Finding people with the same goals and aspirations is even harder. However, our different visions in our careers made it hard to have a meaningful discussion in the area. Rather than constructively build off each others’ ideas which only someone with related background can do, most of the time, it’s more of a “listen”, “nod”, “ask a simple question” routine.

It’s not about meeting just one specific person who shares all your interests, but about opening yourself to different people who share at least a common interest. Meeting like-minded people doesn’t have to be hard – it’s about taking the right steps.

Your circle of friends

It may not seem intuitive, but your immediate circle of contacts is a great way to meet like-minded people. Have you heard of 6-degrees of separation?

It’s the idea that anyone on Earth is connected to each other via 6 degrees of contact or less. In fact, with the internet, it’s probably less than 6 degrees.

At Work

Every company, especially long-standing ones, have a regimented set of recruitment criteria which include certain personality traits and hard skills. For you and others to be recruited in the same company, that means all of you share core similarities.

Not only that, being part of the same company means you’re part of a bigger culture, sharing same knowledge and thinking patterns to an extent.


Communities and clubs are a great way to quickly meet like-minded individuals. See each community as a central hub that attracts people with the same interests. For example, a writers club would attract people who are interested in writing, whether on a recreational or professional level. Online forums and communities on LinkedIn and Facebook are a great way to start off. Offline communities will include meet-up groups, recreational clubs, interest groups, related classes, and membership societies.

There are valuable networking events out there. You just have to pick out the ones that meet your needs. Different networking events attract different audiences, so carefully choose the ones that you go to.

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