I never quite had a good grasp of this statement until recently where I quit a good paying job with benefits and perks  to pursue what I had deemed ‘my purpose’. I had read about the people who did this and marveled at their stupidity and strength because who with a sound mind trying to live their best life does that? Especially in a continent where unemployment is rife, it was even a tad ungrateful to those who would kill to be in that person’s shoes now look at them throwing it away like chaff in the wind. Now, I am that person.

You see there’s something about purpose that’s more powerful than the generation  of wealth. It’s that nagging voice in your sleep telling you that you need to do more or you need to do it different. Knowing your purpose is where it all starts. I always knew mine was in line with empowering women long before it became the fad. I had almost always been in tune with it from my secondary school days. Perhaps, part of that fire came from b being raised by a superwoman – a single, divorced superwoman shunned by society, loved by God and raising three powerful children all by herself.

I don’t believe that anything happens by chance. Events and experiences align themselves that you may find your purpose. So perhaps you have no knowledge of what your purpose should be, look around you, it’s never too far off. What’s that experience that makes you so different from everyone else. That one passion that you can’t seem to shake off no matter how hard you try. God might be trying to tell you something… maybe you’re not supposed to shake it off. Maybe you’re not supposed to hate that one thing that makes you so different from everyone else, maybe your blessing is in your being odd. I like to describe how much I love finding beauty in unexpected places. Think of yourself as a diamond in the rough and walking in your purpose helps shine you out.

Not all of us are called to be magnificent thought leaders, pastors and presidents. But purpose in itself is so magnificent that you do not need the titles or the status to feel fulfilled at it and nothing beats fulfillment. Life is fleeting and you only get to live it once. So ask yourself, am I walking in my purpose? When I go to sleep at night, do I sleep feeling fulfilled? If you can’t answer these questions or your answers are a gnashing no, then you might just need to adjust your sails a bit. It’s scary but it’s well worth it.

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