We all have them. Those bad spending habits that break the budget on a monthly basis. Maybe you always have to have the most up-to-date electronic gadget. It could be that you always purchase something that’s on sale, even if it’s not budgeted for.

Avoid your spending triggers. We all have those places or people that make us want to spend a little too much. Maybe it’s the sweet smell of the bakery around the corner or a friend who tells you how great that purse would look with those shoes in your closet. Limit your contact with those triggers, so you can learn to spend only what you’ve planned to spend. Try walking a different route, so you don’t pass by a confectionary store. Whatever it is, you know it’s a problem.

Give yourself a solid reason to spend wisely. Spending or saving makes a lot more sense when you have a target to hit. Making money goals and keeping them in mind whenever you swipe your card or hand over cash will put your spending in perspective.

Find an accountability partner. For married couples, you have a built-in accountability partner in your husband or wife. For singles, your accountability partner could be a trusted family member or a responsible friend. They should be willing to discuss your big money goals and be there to talk through big purchase decisions. Your accountability partner can remind you what you’re working toward.

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