Taking a walk down the raod, it is observable that people have different physical features and so it also applies to characters and temperaments. For some it’s in-born and for other it was acquired due to the irregularities in life.

Have you noticed traits of your partner always being right in the course of an argument or being argumentative. Depending on your personality ,it may have prompted you to act in certain ways that may  beat your wildest imaginantion. If you find yourself hooked with an argumentative partner especially when you are married then you need to realise that you need to apply the ‘wise woman’s approach’ to get past it with ease.

Do you ever notice how, in a heated argument, no one involved is really listening? Each person is desperately trying to get a point across at the same time the other person is doing the exact same thing.

How can they possibly expect to meet somewhere in the middle? They don’t know what the other person is talking about, let alone how to reconnect and resolve the issue.

Why does it seem as if what they really want is to win? And where does winning get them, exactly?

  • Don’t try to psychoanalyze the other’s reasons for their behavior
  • Don’t bring up old mistakes or errors in judgment; stick to the current issue
  • Don’t talk about parents, siblings, or irrelevant others
  • Avoid using “but” statements
  • Never, ever be verbally abusive—including name-calling, put-downs, yelling, threats, or disrespectful gestures

Rather choose to inject compliments or gestures of respect into the conversation where possible, listen carefully, acknowledging the validity of the other person’s perspective even as you disagree, ask clarifying questions about what the other person means and accept responsibility for mistakes, and accept differences of opinion as natural and okay.

In exceptional cases where the situation may be blown out of proportion, you might as well take a break or go for a walk, if needed, to let things cool off.

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