Bricks and concrete mortars might be perfect foundation makers but there is nothing better than making prayer and faith the rock foundation of your relationship. Placing your relationship in the sole custody of love and complete devotion to faith is the best thing that could ever happen to you. Come to think of it, despite the strong love between Jack and Rose in the 1997 American epic romance and disaster film, Titanic, directed, written, co- produced and co-edited by James Cameron, there was still a shipwreck.

Shipwrecks are real, they may not come along as the one in the Titanic movie, sometimes they might just be a bout of challenge to shake up the stand of both parties in a relationship; be it in courtship or marriage. However, the back up of prayer and faith will help you walk through it.

You cannot direct your relationship unto the spiritual level if you have not reached it personally yet. Before imposing this goal into the relationship, strengthen your own faith and relationship with your Creator. He can only work in your relationship if you let Him work in you first.

They say that if you are praying for a person, you become spiritually attached to him/her. Well, I believe it is true because if you keep on blessing your partner in the spirit, you contribute to his/her well-being in the physical realm. Making this a habit between you is also one way of supporting and helping each other. Create the habit of praying together.

If only one of you gives importance to the spiritual condition of your relationship, then it will not be balanced and the ‘boat’ would sink on the side of the unbelieving. Make it a goal as a couple to help each other grow in faith especially when one of you is weak. Do not just remind each other to pray, read the Bible, or go to church—but do them together.

Waves will blow and storms will rumble but when prayer and faith are at the foundation, you will stand tall.

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