You’ve probably heard that water is your body’s best ally on the quest for stable energy, strong muscles, healthy bones, and glitch-free exchange of critical nutrients in the cells and tissues. An all-natural drink that can indirectly give your weight loss goal a leg-up, bump up your Vitamin C stock, and cleanse your GI tract and liver. Lemon water packs more than citrus drops and H2O.

It’s a potent elixir that will feed your body bonus health points per every gulp.

Here are a couple of benefits of lemon water to get you excited about making it your drink of choice:

Immune Booster

Citrus fruits pack tons of Vitamin C, which is why lemonade is a potent immune function booster and a yummy deterrent to seasonal colds and flu. This makes lemon water a perfect drink for athletes who don’t want to miss their trainings due to virus attacks and bacterial infections that commonly occur with intense workouts and shifty weather in the mix.

Bonus Mood Shots

The benefits of lemon water aren’t limited to physical health only: it can also boost your mood and help you ward off stress, anxiety, and depression.

Digestion Facilitator

Warm lemon water facilitates digestion, promotes production of gastric juice, and keeps bowel movement in check. This is especially useful for gym goers who often suffer from heartburn and indigestion after post-workout snacks.

Instead of cutting down on serving size of post-training meals, simply treat yourself to a glass of lemonade. Your digestive engines will keep running smoothly (plus you’ll be in for a 100 percent natural metabolism boost).

Skin Rejuvenator

Since citrus fruits contain antioxidants and vitamins, lemon water can be a lady’s reliable ally in the anti-aging battle. Now, that’s a good thing to know when looking to bust fat and tone your skin.

Energy Unleashed

When you’re working out, energy dips can occur even if your nutrition and rest are in place. That’s why hydration before and during the training is so important. Fluids promote exchange of nutrients and keep energy in check.

Lemon water is a tasty and refreshing alternative to other gym drinks. With a ridiculously low calorie count, lemonade will boost your performance in the fitness arena and keep your stamina at its peak – even with the toughest workouts the coach may decide to throw your way.

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