Her eyes stray to her wristwatch. It’s one hour past her closing hour. She remembers promising herself that she leave work early but it seems her words were ‘mere talk.’ Yemi had attended countless masterclasses on personal development. She didn’t need to learn how to use a to-do list or how to place priority.

She outrightly needed to include Outsourcing in her business operation.

When you’re running a small business, it’s always great news to discover that you’ve got more work than you can keep up with. And when an increasing workload doesn’t quite warrant taking on an additional full-employee, outsourcing can be an effective and financially viable solution.

Outsourcing is intended to save you time and effort, contributing to the success and growth of your business. However, taking time and care when selecting employees who will be responsible for your delegated tasks and implementing the necessary measures to remove potential problems, will ensure that outsourcing is a help, rather than a hindrance, to the achievement of your business.

Outsourcing work has its benefits; namely, it can take some of the pressure off your in-house team, but there are obvious concerns about letting an external person, regardless of how qualified or experienced they are, contribute to the running and output of your business.

While it’s of the utmost importance to outline what is expected of an individual when you’re outsourcing, it’s also equally important to make issues of payment clear to an external employee. As your business grows and outsourcing becomes a recurring necessity to cope with demand, having a standard contract which determines payment and conditions of work is an effective method of controlling this aspect of outsourcing.

However, when you’re outsourcing on a small scale, formally setting out expectations and details of payment on which both parties agree, is more than sufficient. Like all communication between a business and external employees, this should be recorded in the form of emails, so that any disputes can be quickly resolved.


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