Its easy for your eyes to lighten up at the mention of the word ‘Start-up.’ The fact is that you might not know what is really obtainable. When it comes to working for a startup, there are a lot of unwritten rules, myths and truths that people rarely talk about.  The younger the startup, the more of your coworkers you will know, which can lead to a warm, cosy family feeling at the job. This is not to say that it will be all rosy, every type of establishment has their pros and cons.

In reality, the culture that most startups ascribe to are attributes that every thoughtful human being will have: inclusive, dedicated, customer or client or user-centric, helpful and the like. In practice, this often means that a company is more likely to hire similar types of people like those who share the same passion or are fresh from college under the banner of “culture fit.”

Long hours are going to be fun especially if everyone is pulling together to meet a deadline and then people pause and take a break but long hours with no milestone or break in sight leads to burnout. You might need to watch that.

Working at a start-up is not for everyone, because individual career desires differ. If you are all about the American Dream, – a get-rich-quick path then you are in the wrong place. Start-ups are dynamic and fast-evolving, so if you are keen on gaining personal growth then it is a good one for you. They tend to value initiative and employees tend to get promoted easily or get the opportunity to work on projects you may not have been opportune to work on if you were in a bigger establishment where there are a lot more employees.

Another notable thing is that one person’s performance can break or make business activities.

The need to gain required skills to improve delivery of service and products, build a great client base and maximize profit are integrals for a start-up. This gives you a higher possibility of meeting a whole lot of passionate great heads as co-workers.


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