Often times when faced with challenges and difficulties, we tend to always look for easy ways out. We see these challenges as huge roadblocks that some of us even remain stuck until someone comes to remove them from our path.

The truth is we can never grow like this. Challenges are meant to help us grow and discover more of us. It is our means of learning how to chew meat and crack bones with our growing teeth rather than remain on breast milk, lazying away as we chew off momma’s nipples with the growing teeth.

Just as it is necessary to wean babies off breast milk so they can get their growing nutritional needs from the appropriate foods, especially when the milk isn’t enough to sustain them anymore, so it is with humans and challenges.

Having the easy part of life is like being cuddled to momma’s boobs as we suckle on her milk. We have people doing things for us, always helping us and doing our every bidding. Facing challenges is the weaning period where we are meant to face these difficulties ourselves and overcome them in order to grow.

Just as babies will not properly explore the different growth stages if they remain solely on breast milk, so will we not also properly explore the different growth stages in life and find out our capabilities if we do not overcome these challenges in our lives.

Sometimes, we don’t need help to do some certain things. There are some fights we must take on ourselves for us to grow properly. Being doted on every now and again makes you a weakling. You wouldn’t ever be able to tell what you can or cannot do.

Every time you encounter difficulty, you would think the world has come to an end. You have no experience to fight your way through. Heck! You don’t even know that you can. You just remain stuck and think that is the end.

Every limitation; every hurdle is meant to teach you how to scale across or breakthrough not sit and wait for others to come help you. You need to learn to help yourself because sometimes all the help you really need is the one you give to yourself.

A butterfly trying to hatch from its cocoon would never learn how to fly if it got help to come out from it. The help only results in the butterfly having a swollen body and shrivelled wings. Butterflies need the restriction of the cocoon to help it struggle hard to come out through the small hole. The struggle is not suffering in itself but a way to force fluid from the body of the butterfly into its wings to prepare it for flying once free.

Not all struggles are an indication of misery or adversity. Sometimes, they are necessary for us to grow and get stronger. We don’t always have to depend on others for help every time. As I always like to say, “Be thankful for your challenges. Without them, you would never know the full capacity of your inner strength.”

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