January is winding down and we are running into the arms of February. That month comes with a lot of love, so it will be necessary for me to give you some love too.

2020 was that expected year and you have all those lofty goals you intend to smash but what no one willtell you is that sometimes we burn out just about the same rate at which we are fired up with passion. This means you need to avoid long-term exhaustion that could lead to lack of interest in work, and tends to result from over-work over a long period of time, or from consistent and excessive stress.

2020 needs you, we need you and you need to tick those goals off your checklist. Here is what you need to do;

Learn to define what you don’t want 

This will help keep you focused  and spending your energy on the right things. Productivity is not a question of how much time a day you spend working. Sometimes, a day in which you’ve worked for just three or four hours can end up being much more productive than a day in which you’ve been trying to work for more than eight. Have you ever experienced this?

Lack of focus is one of the greatest enemies of productivity. Constant — and often inefficient — meetings, colleagues who are constantly interrupting, phone calls, and any other distraction, lower your performance and make you waste time and energy, not just working but trying to do whatever other activity.

So, learn to define what you don’t want, let it go as a distaraction which it is and direct your focus on what you want.


Find your balance 

Balance is a beautiful thing and can mean different things for different people. Find what strikes as balance in your life.

Most of us know we work too much and rest too little. We long for balance. But with the pressures and pace of modern life always at our back, how do we step off this crazy merry-go-round? Don’t belong to the pack that thinks being a workaholic equates a super hero with a cape. Striking a balance in your life affords you serenity and peace of mind.

Slip in small breaks into your day, take vacations when you feel swamped, practise saying no and asking for help.

Find your flow. Move with the flow that is your life and stop struggling against the current of life. For me, the center of that flow is being well in all things and having all things in balance.

Remember your goals need yoiu just as much as you need them. You need to be physically, mentally and emotionally for the months ahead.


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