Taking decisions can be likened to carrying a crate of eggs. Each step should be taken with tact and precision. If you are fan of the FOX’s Empire, you’d hear Bryshere Gray who starred as Hakeem Lyon rendering his song, ‘Age is nothing but a number’ to his love interest. I am a firm believer that every area has its territory and works in a certain area might not apply to another. In relationship, age could be nothing but a number. The same thing may not be said about the function of age in career. Age comes to play in making decisions, disposition to work, and responsibility.

Multiple generation workforces are certainly nothing new.

For years, offices have been filled with the fresh-faced younger generation who fill the entry-level desks, the established middle who fill the management roles and the older senior executives who are near retirement. But as tech-savvy millennials enter the workforce causing older generation and baby boomers to step out of their comfort zones, talk of the generational divide is everywhere.

People’s ages fit into different job description as a result of the need of experience and expertise in a certain role.

So lately, I decided to do a small survey of people who I know had reduced or increased their age in a bid to increase their chances of filling a certain role. It looks like a pretty easy thing to do but comes along with both expected or unexpected responsibilities. A millennial employee might be expected to be tech-savvy, have fresh ideas and have the potential of being hyper innovative while in the case of an older employee, experience is likely to be expected.

A school of thought believes millennials have a shorter vision of a career path while those in the boomer generation were comfortable working in an entry-level position for several years before progressing to the next level, millennials believe that with the right coaching and guidance they can quickly succeed in their careers. This generation want their opinions heard. They want to be put on task forces and special projects. They want to be given opportunities to grow

However, I believe that increasing or decreasing your age in the course of your career comes with a lot of headache that could have been averted. You practically will feel like living another fellow’s life- trying not to act or look too old or young, learning work-related skills at  a ‘throat-cutting’ pace, lie a lot and eventually retiring too early when your potentials could still be active or keep working till an incredible age of 70 or more- Simply because you made your employer believe you are 55.

After a brief discussion with a cross-section of employees, I was made to understand that I had nothing to say on this because I didn’t know the circumstances that was wired around the job recruitment procedure. Some people caught in this web do this also to secure jobs they would not have gotten without alteration of their age.

I have never been in a court room. I really don’t know whether to judge all this as being positive, negative or neutral.

Would you alter your present age for a job?

What pros and cons of age alteration in the line of career have you experienced? The comment section awaits your answers. 


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