Okolo took off her career at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). NASA is a United States agency and it is in charge of the civilian space program. The 30-year-old lady has also flown the world fastest manned aircraft that flies from coast to coast in 67 minutes.

Wendy Okolo, from a family of six, is a Special Emphasis Programs Manager at Ames. She is also a research engineer in the Discovery and Systems Health Technology (DaSH). In her role as a researcher, Okolo conducts research in control systems applications and systems health monitoring. In addition, she develops solutions to aerospace engineering problems with control systems applications as a member of the Diagnostics and Prognostics team at DaSH.

During her undergraduate program, Okolo started as an intern with Lockheed Martin, working on NASA’s Orion Spacecraft. She started in the Requirements Management Office in Systems Engineering. From there, she moved to the Hatch Mechanisms team where she focused on Mechanical Engineering.

Also, as a graduate student, the young Okolo worked as a researcher from 2010 to 2012. She worked in the Control Design and Analysis Branch at the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

Okolo has achieved a great deal as an Aerospace Engineer. She emerged winner at the BEYA 2019 Global Competitiveness Conference, a platform for professional development and networking.

Nigerian Wendy Okolo becomes First African Lady to Grasp a Phd in Aerospace Engineering

The 30-year-old gives credit to her sisters for her achievements. According to her, her sisters though her biology and other sciences. Her success in Aerospace Engineering is a plus for Nigeria and Africa as a whole.


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