We are all familiar with the phrase “Honesty is the best policy”. While this is a fact, honesty in the 21st century has become better in theory than in practice, with no exemptions to our day-to-day interactions with people or more importantly at our place of work.

Honesty is essential in every phase of our lives and we mustn’t rule out honesty at the place of work even when we are tempted to veer from it. If a company is to grow, honesty must be established in the employee-employer relationship and vice versa.

Creating an atmosphere for honesty fosters an environment for self-accountability and responsibility, because the more transparent the work environment is, the happier the employees are. The happier employees are, the more productive they are. In the workplace honesty should be valued as a cultural paradigm which includes trust, integrity, ethics and some.

Here are reasons we should  implement honesty in our work place:

It shows transparency:

Transparency is a very important ingredient in a work environment. The expectation that comes with been honest is that you’re clear about everything which sends a message of trust.  Trust feeds entrepreneurship and gives your employees the confidence they need to do their jobs and explore their ideas without fear of failure, retaliation or retribution.

Communication becomes more effective:

At the end of the day, there will always be things that need improvement. Ways at which this can be figured out is by effective communication. Honesty brings about an open link of communication from top to down and vice-versa. Whether it is through an e-mail, newsletter, or quarterly staff meeting, everyone should say what they think is working and perhaps what is not working.

It clears the pipe:

Honesty facilitates an opportunity where employees can voice out their opinions, frustrations or just get things of their chest generally. It makes it easier to bond and foster interpersonal relationships at the place of work, its important to have interpersonal relationships at our place of work. This is where we spend most our time and life.

Ultimately, honesty builds trust in the company and confidence in leadership.



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