What about buying a few bottles of wine at your expense and washing our hands with it? Will it be a cool thing to do? I bet I can feel your resentment on what huge waste it ‘d be. Waste is something everyone will frown at. Nobody likes to waste resources. Its a sick thing to do but sometimes we get caught up in this conciously or not.

I have a feeling that you are the kind of person that can make the most out of each day. Are you really doing that?



God is loving and generous. He gives us blank sheets of paper every single day and sometimes, we roll them up in tightened fist and throw them in the bin. So maybe til we learn to make maximum use of each day, we have no reason to complain. Life can not be bought with money or influence, its a gift, a privilege  and you don’t want to waste it. Lately in the course of a banter, I and a friend laughed over how people tend to be too religious and never tell you the nitty-gritty of their success stories and put it all on the wings of favour. I can’t totally disagree with the play of favour in a woman’s life but we have paths we have walked. They are all our stories. Never let your daily opportunities slip by. Be the first person after God that your future-self will thank for being you.


What you do today can improve all your tomorrows. ~ Ralph Marston


Just like you will not let your food go bad by putting it in the refrigerator.


Just like you won’t wash your hands with a bottle of wine.


Every day is a gift of blank sheet  for you to start on a fresh note and improve. Make the most out of each day. Don’t waste it because we won’t wash our hands with wine.

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